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I’m the guest writer today over at Irene L. Pynn’s blog.
This blog is something a little different. Most of you know me as a romance writer, but I also have a couple of larger romantic suspense titles, HAPPILY NEVER AFTER and QUIET AS THE GRAVE. Both of them have wonderfully creepy houses.

I’m crazy about terrific, spooky, atmospheric houses. This is probably because I grew up in a house that was full of magic and deep personal symbolism.  Some fictional houses are so real to me it’s almost as if I could actually walk into them and prowl around.  Misselthwaite Manor, Manderley, Usher, Bag End, Green Gables…I love them all, good or bad.

Irene L. Pynn is, among other things, a fantasy writer, so when she invited me to blog for her, I decided to discuss the phenomenon of the Scary House. What is it about haunted houses, or houses that have been the scenes of terrible crimes? Why do they take on such mystical qualities?  Could you ever bring yourself to buy one?  In my research, I read that Nicholas Cage owns one but won’t ever sleep there.  What exactly are we afraid of?

Exploring this topic is a little silly, a little sincerely curious, and a lot of fun.  I hope you’ll stop by and offer your ideas, too!

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