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Such exciting news! I’ve just been named Queen of the Universe!!! Well, okay, not quite, but it feels that way! As of today, I’m officially the newest member of the fantastic group of writers who blog together as the Jaunty Quills!

I love, love these authors, and I was so proud to be invited to join their site! It’s been so hard not to shout it from the rooftops! happy computer

I am lucky enough to know a few of them personally. Nancy Robards Thompson, who writes such sparkling, sexy stories for Harlequin Special Edition, is one of my critique partners. Katherine Garbera, whose fun, sensual Desire titles you probably already love, is a longtime friend and such a sweetie that I even forgive her for getting to live in England. Cindy Kirk, who also writes fabulous love stories for Special Edition, is a newer friend who feels like an old one.

The six other authors I technically know only by their brilliant reputations–although their warm, wise blog posts make me feel as if I really know them even better.

redman photo 115 fb kids fav scarf vert headshot Of course, I’ll still be blogging here whenever there’s something special to share, but I’ll spend a lot of time over at the Jaunty Quills. I hope you’ll stop by and say hello. It’s a fabulous place to hang out with some of the best names in the industry and make friends with friendly, talented people who love to chat about reading and writing, pets and children, trips and TV, unicorn dreams, pine nuts, Pinterest, and even freaky frogs. It’s more fun than you ought to be able to have online…and you can win give-aways, too! Hope to see you there!

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Hi, everyone! I’ve created a new “author” page , and I hope you’ll stop by and “like” me!

This is the spot where I’ll be posting all the latest news about books, writing, reading–and, of course, contests!

In fact, I’ll start a new one right now. THE RULES HAVE CHANGED HERE, as I try to make sense of FB’s contest rules!

Over the next week, anyone who comes by this website and leaves a comment on this blog entry will be entered in a drawing to win a $25.00 gift certificate from Amazon.com! Remember, this contest is run by me, and not by Facebook, and you’re giving your information to me, not to them! 🙂 (This is me trying very hard to comply with their rules, because I believe in following rules!) You do NOT, repeat, do NOT have to “like” my page in order to be entered. Just leave a comment here and let me know what you think of the page!

I love to hear from my readers, and I always value–and USE–your comments and advice! It’s wonderful to have an ongoing dialogue about what makes a good book, and which books you’re loving right now! I hope you’ll come join the fun!

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Hi, everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m blogging today over at Tote Bags ‘n’ Blogs. I’m sharing some of my favorite silly, cynical and sentimental quotes about love. I hope you’ll stop by and share some of your own favorites! Three randomly selected posters will receive their choice of titles from my backlist!

I also wanted to share with you some of the Valentine’s Day cards from what’s left of my antique postcard collection. I’ve kept only the ones I loved the most, and apparently a lot of those were love-related. No surprise there! 🙂 I hope they’ll make you smile, and maybe pop over to the one you love and give them a great big smooch! Surely we can all be shamelessly in love with love today!

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Hi, everyone!  I’m here to clarify a little bit about my new contest.  No one has to be a great artist to enter!  Almost any creative visual you invent will qualify!  I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with…and I have no preconceived ideas!  It can be a hand-drawn painting or pencil sketch.  It can be a computer-generated picture or montage.  It can be one of those fun collages we did in school, in which you cut out pictures from magazines and pasted them onto a poster board to capture the flavor of the Victorian Era.  (LOVE the Victorian era! LOL)  It can be paper dolls or a trailer-type video.  How about a floor-plan for a house, a rendering of a garden?  It can be anything visual inspired by anything in any of my books!

Plus, you can phone a friend!  If you have a daughter, writing buddy, co-worker, anyone who is good at this kind of thing, invite them to help!  For one thing, how would I know?  🙂  But mostly…the more the merrier, right?  And remember, no names attached unless you want the acclaim!

So don’t be intimidated.  Come play–and get the chance to win $200! When you’ve got something to submit, send it to my private email address, KOBrien@aol.com, and I’ll send an email back confirming its arrival.

In fact, perhaps I’ll make something myself, just to get things started–and to show how low I set the bar! 🙂  As I’ve pointed out over and over, I have no artistic talent.  None.  Zero.  My skills extend only to drawing holiday pictures on the kitchen whiteboard (see below)…a tradition I adore, but not because it showcases my skill! LOL But I love playing with colored pencils, and paints and scissors.  Watch here for my fabulous contribution to “Looking at Love,” coming as soon as I can possibly think of something!

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I’m blogging over at Tote Bags and Blogs today, being swoony about celebrities with great voices.

Ah, a beautiful voice! I can’t help it. That’s always what I notice first about a guy. Come by the blog and let’s talk about it! I’ve included some great video clips, and a list of my absolute favorite voices of all time. Tell me if I’ve forgotten anyone wonderful! And if a voice isn’t what hooks you, tell me what does! As I said in the blog, romance writers are always busy, busy, busy researching new hunky heroes. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it, right? *wink*

Hope to see you there! At the end of the day, I’ll pick my favorite comment, and that poster will win any one of my books she chooses!

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Finally…a winner! Thanks so much to everyone who entered my “What is it About Texas?” contest, here on the website, on my various blogs, and, of course, in my private email. I absolutely loved reading all your great ideas about what makes this state so perfect for romance novels.

The winner has been drawn at random–by my wonderful writer friend and fellow Superromance author, Ann Evans. Ann’s got a great new book coming out this September, and it’s called “That Last Night In Texas.”  I know all you Texas lovers will want to get hold of that one, too!  Here’s the cover.  Doesn’t it look fantastic?  Really captures that Texas flavor…big skies, powerful horses and…naturally…super-sexy cowboys!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered.  And a special congratulations to Linda Bass, who has won the $50 gift certificate! I’ll be sending it out to you very soon, Linda. I’m so glad you entered!

And of course a new contest will start soon, so be sure to stop by again soon and check it out!

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Ask any of my friends. I’m the world’s worst correspondent. I can be thinking about them, loving them, wishing all kinds of great things for them…but do I write? Do I call? Not when I’m on deadline.

I know I haven’t written here in ages, and I promise I’m getting to that asap. But right now, I just had to jump on quickly and say how much I’m enjoying the contest entries about why you guys love Texas books. Your answers are funny, insightful, touching…and sometimes downright deep. I am learning so much about what makes Texas the perfect setting for a romance. Makes me wish, in fact, that all my books could be set there!

So thank you so much for all the terrific responses. We’ve got a few more days on the contest, so keep them coming. The winner of the $50  American Express gift certificate will be drawn at random on the 25th of June.

I’ll be back soon, I promise.  See you here!  Meanwhile, may your summer be as hot and sweet as a Texas cowboy!

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