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Hi, everyone! In an attempt to show you there’s absolutely no need to be intimidated by my new contest, I’ve created an entry myself! I decided to make a photo illustration of the basic theme of my recent Texas series…TEXAS BABY, TEXAS WEDDING and TEXAS TROUBLE. As you can see, in my psyche, they have one thing in common… 🙂

It’s not much to brag about, but I had a wonderful time doing it, and I learned a lot about this very cool free program called GIMP. Do you guys already know it? It’s available for free download online, and it’s an easy (well…sort of easy) photoshopping software.

People who really understand these things could probably bat out something ten times as complicated as this in half the time, but I am no computer whiz, and I worked for ages creating something this simple. But wow…it was so much fun! Learning new stuff and expanding the tiny computer section of my word-dominated brain…exhausting but awesome!

So…now it’s your turn! Please come play, and be entered for the $200 Am Ex gift certificate.

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Finally…a winner! Thanks so much to everyone who entered my “What is it About Texas?” contest, here on the website, on my various blogs, and, of course, in my private email. I absolutely loved reading all your great ideas about what makes this state so perfect for romance novels.

The winner has been drawn at random–by my wonderful writer friend and fellow Superromance author, Ann Evans. Ann’s got a great new book coming out this September, and it’s called “That Last Night In Texas.”  I know all you Texas lovers will want to get hold of that one, too!  Here’s the cover.  Doesn’t it look fantastic?  Really captures that Texas flavor…big skies, powerful horses and…naturally…super-sexy cowboys!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered.  And a special congratulations to Linda Bass, who has won the $50 gift certificate! I’ll be sending it out to you very soon, Linda. I’m so glad you entered!

And of course a new contest will start soon, so be sure to stop by again soon and check it out!

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Ask any of my friends. I’m the world’s worst correspondent. I can be thinking about them, loving them, wishing all kinds of great things for them…but do I write? Do I call? Not when I’m on deadline.

I know I haven’t written here in ages, and I promise I’m getting to that asap. But right now, I just had to jump on quickly and say how much I’m enjoying the contest entries about why you guys love Texas books. Your answers are funny, insightful, touching…and sometimes downright deep. I am learning so much about what makes Texas the perfect setting for a romance. Makes me wish, in fact, that all my books could be set there!

So thank you so much for all the terrific responses. We’ve got a few more days on the contest, so keep them coming. The winner of the $50  American Express gift certificate will be drawn at random on the 25th of June.

I’ll be back soon, I promise.  See you here!  Meanwhile, may your summer be as hot and sweet as a Texas cowboy!

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