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Christmas rituals

Hi, everyone! I’ve got a new guest blog up at Tote Bags ‘n’ Blogs , and I hope you’ll come by and share your favorite Christmas rituals, movies, songs and recipes with me. I am a very tradition-loving person, and yet I love adding new rituals to the family collection!

I’ll be choosing three visitors, at random, to receive copies of any of my titles they like. If you have anyone on your Christmas list who likes to read romance, this might be just what Santa needs! 🙂 Ordinarily I don’t include my current title in these give-aways (I do have to make a living, and I am hoping some of you will actually *buy* a copy…lol), but this time I am! My current book is a Christmas novella, along with novellas by the great Brenda Novak and Karina Bliss. What could be better at Christmas?

The only titles I can’t include, unfortunately, are “The Redemption of Matthew Quinn” and “Happily Never After.” I get so many, many requests for those that I’m completely tapped out!

So stop by if you can and share your best Merry Christmas ideas! Hope to see you there, but in case I don’t…Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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Buried Treasure

Have you seen the news about the lost Roald Dahl story being listed on Amazon?

If you haven’t, check it out! Dahl is such an important part of childhood, and this news is pretty exciting! The piece is only a “story starter,” but the original plan, thirty years ago, was for it to be published in a book of story starters for children, and then finished by the fans. The story of Dahl’s payment is fascinating, too. I suspect people will be trying to find out exactly who “M. Barran” was!

What an interesting story! Almost like a cool little Christmas present for Dahl fans! Time to get out James and the Giant Peach and reread it!

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