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Things are looking up

A few weeks ago, I went to see “Eat, Pray, Love” with my sister and a friend, in Tampa. I stopped by the restroom on the way in, and I left something expensive on top of the paper dispenser. I didn’t even realize what I’d done until the movie was over, two hours later. I was horrified, mad at myself and quite certain that the item was gone. I checked. It was, indeed, gone.

But guess what? More out of habit than optimism, I asked the customer service fellow if anyone had turned in this easily stolen, very expensive thing. And someone had.

I was shocked. Mouth-open shocked. Then, over the next few days, I began telling my friends about it, and to my surprise they all had stories that ended the same way. Once upon a time, something had been lost. Something valuable, easy to steal, easy to pawn. A cat, a set of car keys, a wallet or a cell phone. And then, some nice person, some simple, anonymous fellow creature, had turned it in, mailed it back, taken care of it until the owner could reclaim it.

It made me smile every time I heard a story like that. Because, though sometimes life feels pretty gloomy, we human beings actually aren’t all just out to snatch and run. We don’t all think it’s dog-eat-dog, every man for himself. Some of us still have empathy. We know what it’s like to lose something, to feel stupid and careless and sad. To have to spend precious, hard-earned dollars replacing it, or precious, hard-to-find minutes standing in the line at the DMV. And we want to spare our fellow sufferer the pain.

Today, I saw this posted on Facebook by a wonderful young woman I’ve made friends with there. Mrs. Optimism is a site that encourages people to leave “messages of inspiration, hope, courage and love” for others to find. It’s a wonderful idea, and it made me smile one more time.

Maybe we’re not so hopeless, as a species.

Maybe we’re kind of awesome.

So here’s my message of love to that amazing, ordinary lady who found my iPhone in the bathroom in Tampa, Fl.


Thank you so much for being kind-hearted and honest and all-round awesome. I hope someone does something just as nice for you someday soon .

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